Air Transport
Our Air Transport services are designed to improve transit times and costs, through our weekly consolidation's HUG. Contracted services and routed allocations with the main airlines, thus allowing priority to our shipments.

We offer effective, profitable and beneficial logistics solutions for your needs. Inland shpments are monitored in real time, providing reliable informatin through all our offices operation department.

Weekly sailings from and to, any port worldwide. FCL, LCL, BB, RO-RO, Reefer, Shipping. Core Carriers, Service Contracts, contracted spacie during high season.
Maritime Transport
We can embark by sea to and from any port on all continents. FCL, LCL, BB, or Refeer shipping through the main shipping lines which we negotiate, in addition to the rates, container delay times at destination are favorable for our customers.
We offer an effective, profitable and beneficial logistics solution for you. It is our policy that terrestrial shipments are monitored in real time and reliable information is available through our operations in the different OnBoard offices.
Storage and
Capacity to warehouse and distribute your merchandise. Top of the line security system. Real-time warehouse system. Assigned locations. Easy access to your goods. DG trained employees. We meet and enforced all the local customs compliances.

As experienced logistics professionals, we take care of supervising and managing the product from the moment it enters our warehouse's until it is deliverd to the distributors or final customers door. Always with the due follow-up that our customers expect.
Assistance in
Reliable professionals working along with the industry most experienced Customs Broker's and Agencies.

We offer you comprehensive advise and solutions for your Import and Export paperwork, that will allow you to make the best decisions when concluding your local or foreing trade operations.
Supply Chain
As logistics professionals, we take care of supervising and managing the product from the moment it enters to the warehouse until it is delivered to distributors or final customers, always with the due follow-up that we agree with our customers. Designing a unique format for each case.

Complementary Services.

Committed to providing a quality service to all our customers, we also offer:

Repacking Service
/ Segregation
Consolidation and
Direct Shipments
Worldwide Coverage
of Agents

With International Reach.

We are a business potential for your company to import or export within the
American continent.

  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • United States
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Paraguay
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Dominican
  • Ecuador
  • Portugal

Trained and

We have more than 30 years of professional experience in Latin American, Central American and North American.

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